The Guardian is an anti-fraud notification service that sends text alerts directly to your mobile phone or other SMS-enabled device. When certain debit card transactions take place, this added layer of security alerts you to possible fraudulent use of your card.

Guardian Service

If you receive a text about a transaction you think is fraudulent, you can reply immediately and your card will be blocked from further activity. The text alert will also describe how to respond in order to stop the current transaction right from your mobile device.

This FREE service will send you a text alert for all of your enrolled Valley State Bank Visa debit or ATM cards, if any of the following events/transactions occur:

  • Authorizations over $500
  • Five or more authorizations in 24 hours
  • Transactions where the card not present
  • Declined Authorizations - text message will be sent for all declined authorizations.
  • Out of town transactions
  • Declined transactions

Safeguard your debit card by signing up with Guardian today to guard yourself against debit card fraud! Click here to enroll!