ATM and Debit Card Safety

These habits can keep you and your money safe while you’re using an ATM or Debit card.

1.    Protect your PIN (Personal Identification Number)     

  • Choose a PIN that is unique. Use a number other than your birthday, Social Security number or other obvious number.
  • Do not share your PIN or account number with anyone.
  • If you do share a card with family members, impress upon them that they must memorize the PIN and NEVER divulge it to anyone.
  • Never give your PIN over the phone, especially cell phones.

2.    Check out the environment as you approach the ATM.

  • Avoid facilities in dark or remote places.
  • Avoid free standing ATMs on street corners. It is best to use an ATM machine at a financial institution.
  • If bystanders seem to be loitering rather than conducting business, go to another machine or come back later.
  • If someone seems to take interest in you or your transaction, report suspicious behavior to the police – but leave the area first.
  • When using a drive-through ATM, keep all doors locked and all windows up, except for the driver’s window.

3.    Examine the ATM before you use it.

  • Never enter your PIN in any terminal that does not look genuine, has been modified, has a suspicious device attached, or is operating in a suspicious manner. See below for ATM Scams.

4.    Be prepared to conduct your transaction when you approach the ATM.

  • Have your card ready and know what transaction or transactions you want to conduct.
  • Shield the screen and keypad with your body as you use the ATM to prevent others from seeing your PIN.
  • Remove your cash, receipt and card after every transaction. Never leave receipts behind at the ATM.
  • Have any deposits prepared before you approach the ATM. Make sure the ATM envelope has been accepted before leaving.

5.    Report lost, stolen, or compromised cards IMMEDIATELY!

  • If you believe that your card and/or PIN has been lost, stolen, compromised, or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission, call 256-332-3600.
  • Examine your statements promptly to identify unauthorized transactions.