Statement Savings 
With just $25.00 you can start your savings journey! With a Statement Savings, your interest will be compounded quarterly, you will receive quarterly statements, and no service charge if you stay within the 6 withdrawal, per quarter, limit.  After 6 withdrawals there will be a $1.00 charge per withdrawal until the start of a new quarter.  Interest rates are variable.1


Christmas Club
Ho! Ho! Ho!  Even Santa needs a little financial help every now and then!  With the Christmas Club Savings, you can save all year for Christmas by making weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deposits.1  Making a deposit is as easy as coming in, making a transfer on Online Banking, or payroll deductions.2  Interest rates are variable.3,4


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1 Interest is calculated using the daily balance method.  This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.  

2 Interest will be compounded and credited to your account on the payout date. 

3 To open the account, you must deposit a minimum of $3.00.

4 We will charge you $5.00 if you withdraw any money before payout date.