Travel Notifications

If you're traveling outside of your immediate area and plan to use your Valley State Bank debit card during your trip, we want to help you avoid any issues using your card.

To notify Valley State Bank of an upcoming trip, please send us a secure message via online banking or call our Customer Service Department at 256-332-3600. When notifying us about international travel, it's important to include a list of the specific countries you will be visiting where you may need to use your card. Remember to include places where you have a flight layover in case you need to make a purchase at the airport.

Our debit cards have daily limits for cash withdrawals and purchases. Contact us if you wish to make any changes to these limits before you go.

Keep our customer service phone number handy in case your card is lost or stolen. During business hours, you can call 256-332-3600. In addition, make sure we have your current contact information in case we need to contact you.

You Can Count On Us!