E-Banking Policy and Procedures

Valley State Bank uses Aha Creative, Florence AL, to host our internet banking site. Independent Computer Services, Florence, Alabama, hosts our web page. Bill Pay is hosted by Jack Henry.

Features and functions of Internet Banking:

  • Transfers from one account to another within the bank
  • Payments from checking or savings to a loan account
  • Payments from checking or savings to third parties via Bill Pay
  • Balance information for checking, savings, certificates, or loans
  • View current and past transaction history, debits or credits
  • E-statements
  • Place check reorders
  • Complete stop payment requests
  • Request wire transfers
  • Downloads of transactions to comma separated format
  • Online enrollment
  • Cash Management
  • Positive Pay
  • Federal Tax Payments
  • ACH Origination

Customers are able to apply for internet banking on-line. Prior to approval the customer must sign and mail in a completed request form so that signatures can be verified. Disclosures are made available for the customer to print on-line during the application process. The customer requests the accounts he wishes to have access to and these will be checked against the core system for validity prior to giving access.

Customers can also visit one of our offices and apply for Internet Banking. VSB requires that a customer complete and sign an application before being considered for internet access. Disclosures will be printed with the application that describes the services, including any fees and charges. Any applicant having existing accounts with the bank will be considered according to their past performance. Customers having detrimental history may be denied internet privileges.

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